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Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer Breakdown

Disney has just released the teaser trailer for their 2019 adaptation of “Artemis Fowl” and it’s more glorious than we could have ever imagined. We’re going to break down and analyse the trailer to seek out any hidden gems and easter eggs. We’ve taken some of our favourite screenshots in the order that they appear in the trailer.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out here!

Please note that this article will contain spoilers for the first Artemis Fowl book / movie. We advise reading the first book if you haven’t done so already!

Fowl Manor

This is our first proper look at Fowl Manor! Disney have really gone out ensuring it has a mystical, magical feel and we’re excited to see what it looks like inside, with a certain suit of armor…

Holly Short in her Haven apartment?

Whilst we can’t 100% confirm it – we’re relatively sure that this upside down shot is of Holly Short looking out at Haven from her apartment. It being upside down and dark, compared to the previous Fowl Manor shots in the sunshine, is a nice way of showing the differences in how the fairy folk and the humans live.

The Oak Tree & River Bend

Whilst we can’t make out a river, let along a bendy one, we assume this is the oak tree where Artemis & Butler will kidnap Holly whilst she’s completing the ritual.

Haven City

Our first clear view of Haven City… and what a spectacle it is. Early reactions on our social channels show that this is exactly how people envisaged the sprawling underground hub of the fairy folk. We can’t wait to explore more of this world!

Ho Chi Minh City Sprite

Here we see the washed-up sprite in her natural habitat; a cluttered den in Ho Chi Minh City.

Artemis Fowl the Second

And here he is – our first proper look at the boy genius himself. We don’t think Disney could have found a more perfect Artemis!

Ho Chi Minh City Sprite… but spritely-er

We assume that her transformation into a young, nimble sprite is the result of Artemis’ healing concoction. She’s quite the sight!

A fleet of LEP shuttles

A massive array of shiny, futuristic shuttles descends on Fowl Manor.

The Kleptomaniac Dwarf

This solitary shot of Mulch Diggums isn’t much to go on, but we imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of the flatulence-powered dwarf in future teasers and trailers.  Is Mulch dirtier or not nearly as dirty as you imagined?

Who gave Artemis a weapon?!

This shot is new to us – there was no instance in the first book where Artemis directly wielded a weapon (and we assume that this is a Neutrino), which means that this must new for the film! We’ll reserve judgement on this shot (and Artemis’ aim!) for future trailers.

Trolllllll! In the… Italian wedding venue?

We’ve seen references to “Italian Wedding Guests” in the cast list, and we assume this is the site of Holly’s first showdown with a troll in the beginning of the book. No sign of a troll… yet.

Butler goes hunger games!

We’re used to reading about Butler and his infamous Sig Sauer… not a liquid-metal Bow and Arrow! Butler must have gotten his hands on some interesting LEP-tech.

LEPRecon – assemble!

Our first glimpse of the LEP in their green combat gear, clutching their futuristic Neutrinos. This is also our first look at Dame Judi Dench as Commander Root – though we’re not quite sure what’s going on in this scene as the LEPrecon unit appear to have their weapons trained on her…

And of course, a look at the title credits! If we assume each sideways Gnommish letter corresponds to the letter it’s a part of, we’ve got a nice slice of the new Gnommish alphabet…

There’s most likely things we’ve missed! Spotted something in the new teaser trailer? Let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram & YouTube or in the comments below!

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  1. I love Judi Dench’s voice as Root – sounded like every heavy smoker I’ve seen on anti-smoking PSAs growing up!!!

  2. I love the Dench voiceover and I’m so excited to see her as root!

  3. I kept expecting to see Artemis pitch forward while holding the gun, uncoordinated as he is clearly stated to be.

  4. The little neck twist confirms for me that’s Holly in the upside shot as that’s her method for summoning her magic

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