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Dream Cast from Artemis Fowl Confidential

17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - ArrivalsThe Artemis Fowl fan community has been spit-balling ideas, without the same solidifying luminescent effect of dwarf spit, of their dream cast for an Artemis Fowl movie throughout the past decade.

There is an excellent variety of suggestions to be found in discussions on the Forums, and it is fun to see how casting ideas have evolved over the years. Here we have compiled a list of the popular choices, as well as some of the more recent suggestions.

Asa Butterfield has nearly become synonymous for Artemis Fowl II in the eyes of the community. We think he could pull of the criminal mastermind with ease.

Jason StathamIn regard to Butler, the formidable warrior scarred from a thousand battles, Jason Statham has long been a favorite. Other popular suggestions have been Vin Diesel, and Daniel Craig.

For Holly Short, the feisty LEPrecon Captain, Being Human’s Kate Bracken has caught the eye of fans with her pixie hair style. Another recent recommendation has been Scarlett Johansson after her recent action-packed role in Marvel’s The Avengers.

An actor that keeps reoccurring as an ideal for Julius Root is Robert DeNiro, who is currently attached to executive produce the Artemis Fowl movie that’s in the works.
Perhaps he wouldn’t mind picking up a tribarreled blaster to portray our favorite LEPrecon Commander?

Here are a few more of the dream cast recommendations gathered from the Artemis Fowl Confidential Forums community:

We’d like to hear your thoughts on who you’d like to see cast in the Artemis Fowl movie! Please feel free to comment and discuss below.

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  1. I would love to be a Opal Koboi in this series, but it’s already taken.

    • I hope they make the movie good I don’t want this movie to end up bad like the hunger games where it shows the some parts but not why or change parts that are not in the book if they do this is going to be just like alex rider movie and I hope to god it isn’t I want it to be just like the book that’s all I ask for.

      • I know. The Alex Rider books had so much potential, yet they ruined it with the movie. I hope they remake the movies, too bad, though Alex Pettyfer is too old now. He was perfect for the role. Anyway, the Artemis Fowl movies are taking soooooooooo long.

  2. But I love who got the part so yay!

  3. I have read the whole artemis fowl series and i think the Jason statham would suit butler perfectly and when would the movie come out anyway because i have been anticipating the day for a long time now. Thanks

  4. I hope they cast it really well. I also hope they don’t omit too many scenes. That would be sad.

  5. Forget writers strikes or script or money issues. This movie has not been made until now because Asa Butterfield was not old enough to play Artemis. End of story.

  6. Ok,I agree with-

    Asa Butterfeild
    Jason Statham
    Helena Botham Carter

    I suppose I wouldn’t be too upset if Scarlett Jonahson was Holly, But I prefare the idea of Emma Watson playing her.

    As for Foaly, the only person I can think of is my dad. *shrugs*

    I have no idea about anyone else, but I pretty much have everyone sorted out if it were unknowns.

  7. I love it
    I wait for to see it

  8. I agree with Asa Butterfield for Arty, Kate Bracken for Holly, Jason Statham for Butler, and also the actors for Foaly and Trouble Kelp. However, I think for Julius we need Nathaniel Parker!! You know, the guy who did the Artemis Fowl audiobooks?

  9. Thank you. *bows* I wonder if anybody will think of him. XD

  10. I’m no fan on Robert Deniro for commander Root. I think maybe … well I can’t think of some one real but I can give you a descriction like Fat Tony. :()

  11. I totally agree with Asa being Artemis. I think Kate Bracken has the looks of Holly too, but isn’t she a little too…I dunno, old? And why would Helena Bonham Carter be Opal? Wasn’t Opal described to be petite, as she is a pixie, slender and young-looking? Oh, and I think Chloe Moretz would be a fantastic Juliet! 🙂 oh, and for Foaly, Hands down for James Mcavoy. 🙂

    Puh-leaaseee make the movie happen! I’ve been wishing for this to happen ever since I’ve read the first book!

  12. I totally agree with Asa being Artemis. He’s just perfect, no arguments needed. I think Kate Bracken has the looks of Holly too, but isn’t she a little too…I dunno, old? And why would Helena Bonham Carter be Opal? Wasn’t Opal described to be petite, as she is a pixie, slender and young-looking? Oh, and I think Chloe Moretz would be a fantastic Juliet! 🙂 oh, and for Foaly, Hands down for James Mcavoy. 🙂

    Puh-leaaseee make the movie happen! I’ve been wishing for this to happen ever since I’ve read the first book!

  13. Plus, it’s going to be a Disney movie, so it’d be absolutely fantastic!

  14. I definitely like everyone they suggested, except for Holly,Emma Watson would be a lot better.

  15. I wouldn’t cry to see Jason Statham as Butler, but I don’t know if he’s physically imposing enough. I’ve recently started to think Jason Momoa would be an interesting and well suited choice.

    Richard Armitage is a great idea for Trouble, couldn’t have picked better myself.

    I have to say I am so against Helena Bonham Carter as Opal. Not because she wouldn’t do well, but because it’s the exact same role she’s been playing for years.

  16. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Asa is quite right to play Artemis? Because I think they need an actor who has a harder, more stern look as such and I just reckon that Asa’s is too soft. And despite his good acting I don’t think he’d ever really do Artemis for me. :/

    • Personally, I had always thought that Asa Butterfield or Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (From Harry Potter, the future Dark Lord) would be perfect for the role. Asa does look a little soft, but Hero can give off a criminal mastermind vibe with ease. But, that’s just me.

    • i totally agree with you. Asa just wouldn’t be good.Frank Dillane or Hero Fiennes-Tiffin would be much better.

    • Have you seen Ender’s Game lately?

      • oh, yeah. Just watch Asa in Ender’s Game. i mean, he is cold, and looks stern and very serious. He’s a great actor, he can look soft and also can look like a bad/ serious/genial guy

  17. I agree with: Vin Diesel,Robert DeNiro,James McAvoy,Richard Armitage,Helena Bonham Carter, and Timothy Spall. I think Frank Dillane or Hero-Fiennes Tiffin would be better for Artemis.

  18. It has been my dream as a young aspiring actress, to play Opal Koboi. I loved her almost obnoxious amount of genius ego since I first read the books. I read and loved all of the books and, although slightly disappointed that that dream will not come true, I think that Helena Bonham Carter is a good choice

  19. Yassss!!! Asa!! Do Asa!!!

  20. EVERYONE!!!
    let us think, we must have a quick speaking,tech “genius”(moron) for foaly.

    Like Stephen Merchant.

    just look at how well he was as being Wheatley form portals 2

  21. Asa Butterfield is okay.I prefer Jason for butler and Kate for Holly.

  22. helena bonham carter as opal kobai nononononononono

    • I agree so far too many Harry potter actors have been included.It’s a whole new series, can’t they find an actor we all haven’t seen a billion times? I mean I love Harry potter but none of the actors seem to fit. Except perhaps a similar version of griphook as mulch but made to fit his character, mAybe with a Hagrid beard LOL

    • Maybe for mulch we could use one of the dwarves from the hobbit. I personally think that the silver haired dwarf would be perfect, if he had Brown hair. And I agree with Pyra, too many seen actors could ruin a movie. Try some new actors for people.like commander root. Although, Firenze from Harry potter would make an excellent folly, and the actress for Holly Short in the trailer was AMAZING I can’t picture her any other way now!!! 🙂 We should use actors that not many people have seen. Oh and Vin Diesel would make a PERFECT Butler!!!! Although I don’t know who make an awesome Juliet. I am thinking a genuine good hearted rebel. Perhaps someone from Radio Rebel? I don’t know.

  23. I think Vin Diesel would be a better Butler!

  24. i agree Asa would be perfect for Artemis, but i also think Tom Hardy (Bronson, 2008) would be good for Butler o.O

  25. Artemis Fowl Dream Cast:

    ARTEMIS FOWL II – Asa Butterfield or Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

    BUTLER – Robert Maillet

    JULIET – Emma Watson

    HOLLY – Kate Bracken

    JULIUS ROOT – Robert DeNiro

    FOALY – James McAvoy

    MULCH DIGGUMS – Lee Arenberg

    OPAL KOBOI – Mila Kunis

    MINERVA PARADIZO – Chloe Moretz

    ARTEMIS FOWL, SR. – Robert Downey, Jr.

  26. Nooo Asa cannot be Artemis!!
    And isn’t Holly supposed to be “chestnut brown”?
    Everyone else is fine, just Artemis CANNOT be played by Asa!

  27. Frank dillane, the supposedly future Artemis Fowl, also played the hated villain of Lord voldemort in Dumbledores memory from Harry potter and the half blood Prince. Not cool!!!!! It is portraying Artemis Fowl, in my opinion, to be forever lonely, feared, evil, and hated. 🙁

  28. I’ve just watched the trailers and it is a rip off of Harry potter! I love both series, but Artemis fowl should.not be portrayed as Tom riddle in my opinion, too many people hated him! The Holly Short matches the books character perfectly! And the trolls in the book have hair and the troll from the trailer was a scene taken from Harry potter and the sorcerers stone! Actually a lot of the trailers clips have been taken from Harry potter!

  29. Who ever was holly in the second.trailer seems perfect! I.honestly don’t think Emma.Watson could pull it off. Probably because of her portrayal in Harry potter, I mean I loved Hermione, but I don’t think we should use any people from Harry Potter.

  30. No no no!!!! We can’t have Mulch (a good/bad guy) being played by PETER PETTIGREW!!! Also Belatrix Lestrange as Opal? Not right! But I do agree with the rest except for Johanasson as holly short

  31. My only two thoughts f o r Holly Short are whoever was in the trailer or Kate BECKETT

  32. OMG! Juliet=Anna Kendrik

  33. Him for butler?! He’s way too small and fragile in comparrison te real butler. The artimis fowl book has made me car to many times. I’d love to play Artimis Fowl.

  34. Hey everyone of the infinite void of Artemis Fowl. I am absolutely thrilled about the movie (which is taking a lot longer then I’d hoped) I would love to try for one of the roles (but my accent might not suit as it is Australian) I have followed the story since my brother gave it to me (actually that’s a lie, I declined the book the first few times, then randomly picked it up one day) and have been hooked onto it ever since. I personally think you shouldn’t give the parts to actors and actresses. If you do open auditions you will probably get better actors and actresses and then the ones you already have (I’m just saying, give people a chance) it’s been a while since anyone’s been on here. Read this if you have the time publishers of this website.
    Mis Arte
    PS did you see what I did there?
    PPS I seem to have over used brackets (again)
    PPPS I really do love Artemis fowl, it’s fantastic.

  35. I believe Asa Butterfield would play the perfect Artemis. Looking at his role in Ender’s Game, its obvious that he can play a genius with ease and his part in Merlin as Mordred proves he also can play a darker character. As for Holly I think Julia Stiles would be good.

  36. Artemis Fowl ||-Nolan Gould
    Artemis Fowl Sr.-Colin Farrell
    Domovoi Butler-Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
    Juliet Butler-Ronda Rousey
    Holly Short-Milla Jovovich
    Julius Root-Joe Pesci
    Mulch Diggums-Peter Dinklage
    Foaly-Ryan Reynolds
    Opal Koboi-January Jones

  37. I think Asa Butterfield looks like Arty. He might be able to pull him off in the acting area. Vin Diesel is definitely my ideal Butler. I don’t really agree with any of the Holly people – none of them really are how I pictured Holly spot on like Vin Diesel and Asa Butterfield. Robert De Niro as Root I agree with though.

  38. I think that Asa could be Artemis, but i can´t decide who should play Butler. Jason Statham looks a lot like i imagined Butler, but he isn´t big enough. Dwayne Johnson has a good size but i didn´t really imagined Butler to look like him…

  39. Asa all the way. I was so happy when I found of that he was a potential candidate (I had seen him in Hugo and loved his acting in it)!!

  40. Asa? I guess he’d be ok, but can’t we have an unknown playing Artemis? And YES James McAvoy as Foaly! Seriously, though, an unknown for Artemis, could take him seriously then.

  41. Looks good! Thought it was pretty funny to have Thorin as Trouble. Who should play Holly?

  42. Something I’d die to see- Johnny Depp as Foaly

    And shouldn’t there be less of an age gap between the actors for Arty and Holly? Because Holly isn’t really supposed to age and he kind of catches up…but Disney is awesome and Colfer is genius, so I’m expecting that’s not gonna be a problem.

  43. These are my choices:
    Arty: Asa Butterfield
    Opal: Scarlet Johansson
    Foaly: Shia Labeouf
    Commander Root: Robert De Niro
    Angeline Fowl: Nicole Kidman
    Artemis Fowl I: Robert Downey Jr
    Butler: Jason Statham
    Mulch: Lee Arenberg
    And i don’t know who Holly and Juliet should be!!

  44. don’t be like the percy jacksons pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Did everyone know that Asa Butterfield is actually 17 years old!! I still want him to act but he aged really good!!…………well of course he does he is an actor!! and holly has red hair not chestnut brown. I just can’t decide who Juliet and holly should be! but I’m sure they won’t mess it up!! Does anyone want to see Disney’s new movie Inside Out?? it looks really funny!!!! My favorite book in the Artemis Fowl series is the 5th, the Opal deception, and the Atlantis complex!!

  46. If Asa Butterfield doesn’t play Artemis, I will literally DIE!!!!! He’s so perfect! As for Holly, Kate Bracken. She could really pull it off with a little bit of hair dye. I think that a child should play Opal, because pixies have child-like faces, right? A girl maybe 13-14 years old with pointy facial features and dark hair. Opal reminds me of a spoiled child, and I think that this image might work well in a movie. For Foaly we NEED James McAcoy!!!!!!

  47. There is only one true BUTLER, in my opinion… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!!! Huge, muscly, and with the Eurasian look. Perfect! <3

  48. Jaehyun Glara Yu

    A younger version of Benedict Cumberbatch would’ve been perfect for little Arty. I don’t think he can pull of Foaly though. Mayhap a little more consideration for Arty?

  49. FOALY – James McAcoy
    BUTLER – Jason Statham
    Commander Root – Jeremy Irons
    Opal -abigail breslin
    Mulch – Martin Klebba
    Fowl Sr. – Jason Isaacs

  50. The artemis fowl movies are taking longer so they can have more time to perfect it! Yay so excited!!!

  51. Hi. My English is not so good because I am iranian . I have a question. The Artemis fowl movie is ready or not? Please answer

  52. I think Ruth Negga who played Raina in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD would be perfect to play Holly

  53. Asa Butterfield should totally play Artemis Fowl ll. He has the talent to pull off the criminal mastermind act.

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