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The Time Paradox Book Quotes

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Artemis Fowl

“I love you, Mother. I love you more than life. If only you could know what I have been through to find little Jayjay. Just be still for five seconds, then this nightmare will be over.”

“Once again, I owe you my life. Now, I hate to move directly from gratitude to petulance, but why have we slowed down?”

“It is difficult to talk with a taped mouth.”

“My goodness, Artemis. You sound like you actually care about an animal. Nice beard by the way.”

“This is not a shampoo commercial. Please stop flicking your hair.”

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Holly Short

Holly: “You did a good thing here. For its own sake. Not one penny of profit.”
Artemis: “I know. I’m appalled.”

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Mulch Diggums

(About Artemis) “You look after the human, Jayjay. He’s a bit dim, but he means well.”

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Mervall Brill

“They said it couldn’t be done. They were wrong. Mervall Brill is the king of trolley parking… Which is not the future I had in mind for myself as a younger pixie.”

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