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Things have been quiet on the Fowl-front… we’ve heard whispers from Disney but nothing more.

Now, however… we have some concrete, and very exciting news!

Disney is casting for the Artemis Fowl Movie in Galway, Dublin & Cork!

Ireland Film Casting

Artemis Fowl

To be distributed by Disney

No previous acting experience necessary!

Lucy Bevan Casting is looking for an IRISH boy for the title role in Disney’s adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s novel ‘Artemis Fowl’

Please submit if you are; Male, aged 9-13, under 5’3″, any ethnicity, have or can do an Irish accent.

At first glance, Artemis could be mistaken for a rather ordinary child with little athletic ability, but his eyes reveal a flickering of intelligence. Inquisitive and possessing both academic and emotional intelligence, he is highly perceptive and good at reading people. Most importantly, Artemis is warm-hearted and has a great sense of humour, he has fun in whatever situation he is in and loves life.

Applications must be submitted by parent or legal guardian.

We will be holding auditions in:

Galway on 29 & 30 September

Dublin on 1 October

Cork on 14 October

If you would like to be considered, please send a recent photo, your age and heigh by Monday 18th September to Emily at @emily.brokcmann@disneympp.com

Please state which location you would like to audition in (Galway, Dublin or Cork) of if you would prefer to submit a self-tape.


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  1. How did this escape my notice? I feel like I check every few weeks, and yet there was a casting call in MAY that I missed? This is such great news.
    And they’re actually getting a child, not some 16-18 year old, for the role?

  2. … I’m sorry. Is this a joke? I am all for an Artemis Fowl movie, and have been waiting for one since I was a child- but that description is NOT Artemis at all. Warm hearted? Great sense of humor? loves life? Not in the beginning and he never has an amazing sense of humor. He’s sarcastic and has some fantastic lines, but he does not have an amazing sense of humor. And emotional intelligence? Please take another look at the books- please, please, please! Thank you for supporting the idea for the movie but we’ve been waiting years and are willing to wait a few more if it means that Artemis will be OUR Arty. Not a twisted facimile. Please remember that he is a CRIMINAL MASTERMIND. Please and thank you.

    • Yes, I found myself wondering same thing, it doesn’t really sound like Artemis. Why isn’t there any mention of how sarcastic and arrogant he is?

      But I love that Artemis will really have the Irish accent 😀

    • I agree, a lot of that description for Artemis was not accurate to the first book. But do you think many people would audition if they said “Artemis is a cold-hearted criminal mastermind who will do anything for riches.” Also, he may not show it much in the beginning, but he does have some emotions, especially for his parents. And in my opinion, Artemis can be pretty funny when he chooses to be.

  3. What time is it on at? email sent but automatic email came back

  4. Do you know if there will be any casting for th part of Holly Short ?

  5. Hi , my name is Kay + my Son Fionn (aged 10 years old) has been very interested in auditioning for this role ,but I missed the deadline fog interviews ., Will ye be interviewing again ? Fionn is a very intelligent , bright + funny boy who has a fantastic personality + also kind + caring + very talented . So. If you can email me back that would be great . Thankyou .. Kay Coughlan

  6. i don’t have idea but that is great i am so happy

  7. Wait, what? I’m all for an Artemis Fowl movie, I really want to see some of my favourite characters come to life on a screen–but that isn’t Artemis at all. “At first glance, Artemis could be mistaken for a rather ordinary child with little athletic ability….” Ordinary? ARTEMIS-freaking-FOWL? Um, no. He’s 12 years old and wears a $3000-dollar Armani suit. Artemis Fowl is many things, but ‘ordinary’ is not one of them. He’s a damned 12-year-old criminal mastermind, for goodness sake.

    “…Inquisitive and possessing both academic and emotional intelligence…” Okay, first of all, Artemis is horrible at expressing emotion. He’s that “cold individual,” remember? Plus, they make him sound like a little boy who wants to become an astronaut or pilot someday (‘inquisitive’? he kidnapped a girl for money) or something.

    “…he is highly perceptive and good at reading people.” Fine. This is okay.

    “Most importantly, Artemis is warm-hearted and has a great sense of humour, he has fun in whatever situation he is in and loves life.” WHAT THE HELL. ‘Warm-hearted,’ ‘great sense of humour,’ ‘has fun in what ever situation’ loves life blah blah blah. We are talking about the same Artemis Fowl, right? The one who kidnapped a fairy just for gold? The criminal mastermind? He never has a good sense of humour anytime in the books, he’s overly sarcastic and has some really good lines, but he never has a ‘good sense of humour.’ He becomes caring in the later books, but after a LOT of development, that is what makes his character development so amazing, because he changed from icy criminal genius to sort-of-good juvenile genius. I hope they don’t change that. This casting call sounds really disappointing… I hope they stick to the book (or at least stick to the characters’ personalities). Someone tell this casting director to read the books, because this isn’t our Arty at all!

  8. Like another commenter, I must question the use of “warm-hearted” and other such nonsense on there… That is very non Artemis. Anti Artemis in fact.

  9. Holy crap please please please have Artemis as a cold hearted snake in the first movie then watch him grow to someone willing to sacrifice himself! That was my favorite part about the series.

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