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[Video] AFC Teaser Breakdown

WARNING: SPOILERS! Here’s our breakdown of Disney’s Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer! Thanks to top AFC Contributor Meira Weber for putting this video together. There’s quite a lot to take in with the teaser, and Meira has done a phenomenal job of breaking everything down for fans and people coming in not knowing who Artemis is! Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL releases in …

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Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer REACTIONS!

One of the most exciting things about the ARTEMIS FOWL TEASER TRAILER releasing is that the wonderful world of Artemis Fowl is about to be introduced to millions of new people across the world. We decided to have a little YouTube stalk and pick out some of our favourite reactions – you can watch them below! If you haven’t seen …

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Kenneth Branagh on making Artemis Fowl his own.

Picture caption from OhMyDisney: Director Kenneth Branagh with the cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos on the set of Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL, an adventure that finds 12-year-old Artemis Fowl in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful hidden face of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance. (this sounds like a deviation from the books to us but time will …

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Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer Breakdown

Disney has just released the teaser trailer for their 2019 adaptation of “Artemis Fowl” and it’s more glorious than we could have ever imagined. We’re going to break down and analyse the trailer to seek out any hidden gems and easter eggs. We’ve taken some of our favourite screenshots in the order that they appear in the trailer. If you …

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