Artemis Fowl (Book 1) Goofs

The following are plot holes and consistency errors found throughout the first Artemis Fowl novel. These were not collected to expose mistakes, but simply for reference.

The Goofs

In TSD, Mulch burps, yet in AF, it clearly says “…dwarf anatomy ensured that all gas was passed below.” Artemis meets Mulch Diggums in ‘The Seventh Dwarf,’ yet they do not recognise each other in ‘The Arctic Incident.’ Even though TSD is set before TAI.

In AF, it says “Artemis cracked his knuckles. Time to do what he did best…” whereas in TEC it says “Spiro cracked his knuckles, a habit Artemis detested.”

In AF, when people enter a timestop, they stay in the same state of conciousness as you entered, or you leave the timestop. Yet both Holly and Butler are knocked unconciousness and remain inside the timestop.

In AF (and other AF books) we learn that Madame Ko is Domovoi Butler’s sensei, yet it also says “I’m certain your martial-arts sensei is turning in his grave.” I’m pretty sure Madame Ko is not a man and is certainly not dead.

Early on in the book, Artemis says to Holly “…my wishes do not include bodily harm to myself, or…” yet later on in the book, Holly punches Artemis in the face. Holly should not have disobeyed the order given earlier by Artemis, because if an order from a human is given to a fairy whilst in the human’s house, then the order MUST be carried out.