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AFC Eoin Colfer Interview (2)

On the 10th of January, 2007, Eoin Colfer agreed to answer another set of interview questions for AFC. Lots of information was revealed about the graphic novel, the next Artemis Fowl book and more!

The Interview

1) You’re now an amazingly successful writer, but do you have any other childhood (or not) ambitions that you still wish to fulfill?

I always wanted to be a comic book artist, that was my first love. I was going to write and illustrate Batman. I recently was offered the job of writing a Batman arc but had to take a raincheck. I still doodle from time to time, but unfortunately I have the will but not the skill.

2) Have you any idea of a plot for the sixth Artemis Fowl novel, and if so, any hints?

I am working on the plot at the moment. It will involve Finland, monstrous creatures that have lain dormant for millennia, time travel and little brothers who are pains in the butt.

3) Will we see any more of a relationship between Artemis and Minerva in the next Artemis Fowl book?

I haven’t put much thought into that. I think they might do a guest spot on Celebrity X Factor… just kidding!

4) Do you have any plans to write any sequels to your other books? Like ‘Half-Moon Investigations’ or ‘The Supernaturalists’?

I want to do a second Supernaturalist book next year because I get so many requests for it. People are very fanatical about that book. I suppose it is more intense than Artemis.

5) A while ago, there was talk of an Artemis Fowl graphic novel? Is there any news on this?

I am working on this at the moment with writer Andrew Donkin who is adapting it and artist Giovanni Rigano who worked on the Incredibles. It looks absolutely brilliant and will be out in Sepember. It is completely faithful to the book and if it is a success more will follow.

6) Any idea on the names for Artemis’ siblings?

At the moment I am leaning towards Finian and Jonathan. 

7) The movie has slowly been coming together, and we have a few names associated with it, but is there anything new you could tell us? Any major changes to the plot? Any new/different characters? Any idea of how and when casting will begin?

I have been working intermittently on the screenplay for the past year with Jim Sheridan the Irish director. We have kept the heart of books one and two but I also wanted to do something cinematic and spectacular so we added a big exciting ending. No new characters but plenty of new one liners. I really love the story and we hope to go into production this Summer. No cast yet.

8) It’s only January, but do you have any tour plans for this year?

I am taking most of this year off to write, as touring and doing shows has taken over my life. Last year I spent six months on the road. I may do the Hay festival and possibly a few dates in London for the comic release in Sept.

9) On a random note, if you could be any type of food, what would you be?

A cheescake… I look soft on the top but I am tough underneath.

10) And last but not least, there has been a lot of discussion as to whether fairies have nigh-vision or not. Holly’s helmet has built-in nightvision in “The Lost Colony,” but due to their lives and their ability to only really come out during the night on the surface, do the fairies have any type of night-vision?

I think the fairies have a certain amount of natural night vision like nocturnal creatures, but they would augment this for maximum clarity.

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