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AFC Eoin Colfer Interview (3)

In early June of 2007, we had a mini interview with Eoin Colfer, to find out a few snippets of information on Book 6, Airman and the Artemis Fowl Movie!

The Interview

1) Do you have a first name for the main protagonist in “Airman” or maybe a little plot line?

Airman is set in the 1890’s on the Saltee Islands, a tiny monarchy off the Irish coast. When Conor Broekhart, a promising young scientist, witnesses the king’s murder, he is thrown into a prison mad wing to protect the secret. Conor spends his time in prison designing a flying machine that will fly him to freedom. Years pass and finally his chance arrives…

2) Any idea for a plot on Artemis Fowl: Book 6?

Book six is a bit murky right now. I know it starts in Finland with Holly fighting a Kraken. But this Kraken is a little different, like many of my creations he has a little gas problem…

3) Many people have been sending (threatening and desperate) questions asking about the casting for the Artemis Fowl Movie… any idea what’s going on with that at the moment?

At the moment, the studios involved are trying to decide between CGI and live action. Once that decision is taken, I hope things will move forward a bit more speedily. Everyone is getting impatient, including me.

4) What are your thoughts on the Graphic Novel?

I love the graphic novel. I hope we can keep the same team together for all six. If we do all six. Work on Arctic will commence soon.

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