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YOUR Artemis Fowl Movie Dream Cast

We asked, and you shouted back! We’re pleased to present YOUR top picks for casting in the Artemis Fowl Movie.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below! Your suggestions might just make it into the next Dream Cast shortlist!

You chose…

Mulch Diggums: Patton Oswalt, Jack Black, Peter Dinklage, Lee Arenberg

Opal Koboi: Megan Fox, Natalie Dormer, Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Julius Root: Philip Glenister, J.K. Simmons, Robert De Niro

Trouble & Grub Kelp: Hugh Jackman & Jonah Hill

Foaly: James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, Colin Hanks, Shia LaBeouf

Butler: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel

Holly Short: Maisie Williams, Saoirse Ronan, Scarlett Johansen, bonnie Wright, Freema Agyeman

Artemis Fowl: David Mazouz, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Dane Dehaan, Asa Butterfield or AN UNKNOWN!

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  1. I think Alex Hirsch should be Foaly even though he is only a voice actor and a television producer.

  2. Dane Deehan definitely has the look, but way too old to play 12 year old Artemis!

  3. I would prefer Robert De Niro for Julius Root as i can imagine him as red face with smoke coming out from ears when he is mad 😛 Also for Butler i would prefer Dwayne Johnson as he is the biggest of other choices(None of them have EuroAsian face)

  4. Please give us Natalie Dormer as Opal and Scarlett Johansson as Holly!

  5. I think Arthur Darvill would be a great grub kelp !!!!

  6. Johnny Depp as Foaly…ohmigosh I’m going to love that centaur even more.

    I’m thinking…Holly should be closer to Arty’s age because, in the next couple of movies, they’re supposed to become a ship…and it’ll be awkward if, you know…

  7. Emma Watson as Holly

  8. I always saw Christina Ricci as Opal, but Natalie Dormer would be pretty great too. James McAvoy as Foaly would be AMAZING! And Peter Dinklage as Mulch!

  9. Umm Megan fox probably shouldn’t be in this movie, and scarlet johannson wouldn’t do well as holly…just my opinion

  10. Agreed. Honestly, and it’s just my opinion, I don’t know about everyone else, but I think the whole thing with a new actor as Artemis shouldn’t go through. If they could find one, yeah, maybe, but the general consensus at least that I’ve seen is Asa should be Arty. (And maybe I’m just biased, since I agree, but whatever.) If either of them should have a new actor/actress playing them, it should be Holly, I think. And maybe Opal too. I’ve been through sooo many of these “dream cast” things and I still haven’t found anyone who I think really looks like them to me, or that could pull them off.

    Like I said, just my opinion, but it’s still how I feel. Anyone agree?

    The others, though, most of them I can see one of these people as and agree with.

  11. Mark Hamill as Cudgeon.

  12. Artemis Fowl: definitely an unknown to accent the anonymity he is supposed to carry through the series.

    Butler: I would’ve said Vin Deisel, but Dwayne Johnson is bigger, so I have to say Dwayne Johnson

    Holly Short: I’m liking Scarlett Johansen for Holly, but Maisie Williams would give the child like impression that fairies are supposed to have.

    Mulch Diggums: I really like Lee Arenberg for Mulch, he has the humor factor, but also the rugged look that resourceful, battle-smart much needs to have.

    Foaly: I like Shia LaBoeff for Foaly. A little dorky, but earnest enough to be taken seriously.

    Root: Robert DeNiro for his gruff look.

    Trouble Kelp: Definitely Hugh Jackman

    Opal Koboi: Natalie Dormer has the best look for her I think, but any of the girls up there could work.

    That’s my take anyway.

  13. Well,I’m so sorry but I didn’t like any of actors for Artemis.he should be an unknown & has blue eyes as it describes in the book.

  14. I really think Jack Black should play Mulch Diggums and I would like to see Johnny Dep play Foaly

  15. For Holly, Saoirse Ronan should do. Though public would love Scarlett Johanson to play that role, I imagine the movie budget going a tad higher by getting her, and right now getting the movie out is the priority!

    As for Butler, I would love Jason Statham for that role.

    Megan Fox is cool as Opal Koboi.

    As for Foaly, my preferred candidate is Paul Bettany. That guy has an air of mystery and royalty that surrounds him, though he might have to work a bit to bring that humor and annoyance in the centaur’s character.

  16. LOGAN LERMAN has the looks for Artemis. But if I NEED to choose from these actors you have offered.then Asa. No one else.
    Maisie Williams would be great for Holly!!!!!! And James McAvoy for Foaly!!!!! Percect matches!!!!
    For Mulch I would choose Peter Dinklage!!,or Jack Black.
    Opal could be played by Natalie Dormer,or any of the girls actually..
    Robert De Niro for Julius Root.!
    Dwayne Johnson would be good for Butler.

    Please don’t choose the wrong actor for Artemis because that would hurt me so much. And many others I think.

  17. I think David Rawle from Moone Boy for Artemis would be perfect and Saoirse Ronan for Holly.

  18. i think emma watson should be holly

  19. I would honestly be so disappointed if they didn’t cast irish actors for artemis, butler and juliet! I think Saoirse Ronan would be perfect as juliet rather than Holly. She was epic in Hanna she could definitely pull it off! It’s a shame Robert sheehan is too old for artemis but I’d love to see him as the time warped older artemis! Robert de Niro for Root, Emma Watson as Holly. I’m really not sure about foaly, but I think JamesMcAvoy is not glib enough to be Foaly! Same with butler and artemis, I’m not sure but GOT TO BE IRISH!!

  20. Julius Root: Brendan Gleeson. I’m surprised nobody has thought of that yet. Since I first read him I pictured either him or Bob Hoskins.

  21. Who will be Artemis Fowl Senior? Or Minerva? Beau Paradizo? #1? Angeline Fowl? For Juliet I think it should be the girl who played Annabeth in the Percy Jackson movies. Artemis Fowl II is pretty hard to find someone who really looks like him. Maybe someone who look like the picture of Arty in the last guardian book.

  22. So my take on this…

    Mulch Diggums: I really like all those actors. Think they would be great.

    Opal Kobai: It has to be Natalie Former. She looks perfect!!!

    Julia’s Root: My personal 1st choice would be JK Simmons but Robert deniro could do it too.

    Foaly: Colin Hanks looks the part but Johnny Depp could probably pull it off.

    Butler: Jason Statham suits for me…. OR… Idris Elba??? Anyone else???

    Holly Short: She has to be young… as she comes across in the books. Scarlett is too old. Maisie Williams would be my first choice there.

    Artemis: While Dane Dehan looks the part he’s quite old. As a butterfield would be great!!! Especially with those piercing blue eyes.

    I really can’t wait for the movie!!!

  23. My picks:
    Jack Black, Natalie Dormer, Robert De Niro, Jonah Hill, Johnny Depp, Dwayne Johnson , Scarlett Johanson or Freema Agyeman, Asa Butterfield or unknown

    I’d also like to see Rosie Huntington-Whitely as Artemis’ mother or Juliet

  24. Omg ! Isacc is the best as arty

  25. Jason statham for butler.saorise ronan for holy.megan fox for opal.asa for artemis.robert de niro for julius.colin hanks for foaly

  26. asa butterfield and no one else ‘UNKNOWN’ for artemis he can really pull off that look

  27. Has no one read the books recently? Holly is described as an elf with nut brown skin. Someone like jasika nicole is someone who would actually match the description if everyone is going to be so picky about artemis and his blue eyes.

  28. You forgot about Juliet so I’ll just say that Indiana Evans should play Juliet. Asa Butterfield for Artemis. Jason Statham for Butler. Bonnie Wright for Holly. Peter Dinklage for Mulch. Johnny Depp for Foaly. Robert De Niro for Root. Megan Fox for Opal

  29. For Mulch, I think it should be Patton Oswalt. Opal: Megan Fox. I always though of her with dark hair and bright red lipstick. Honest. For Root they all seem too old. Foaly should be Shia LaBeouf. Butler would definitely be Dwayne Johnson.
    I would be a really good Holly because I’m really short, but I think that Maisie Williams should be her. Artemis Fowl would be David Mazouz.

    I literally just found out about the movie, and nearly broke out crying in Science. I think that they’re just doing the first book, But they might do the rest of the series.

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