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‘Artemis Fowl’ Personality Quiz

Want to find out which ‘Artemis Fowl’ character you’re most like? Do you think you’ve got the strength and military decisiveness to be Butler? Are you evil to the core like Opal Koboi? Are you a mindless troll that just wants to eat humans? Are you a genius criminal mastermind of the highest order?


  1. That awkward moment when you’re a genius, deranged, psychopath, chocolate loving pixie.

  2. Hmmm…….
    I’m Arty…..
    I can go with that… I think the clincher was ‘what do you take on a desert island’ (LAPTOP (I can’t survive without it!!)) and ‘What do you do if someone insults you’ (REVENGE, sweet, beautiful revenge.)

    • I was going to pick “Laptop”, but would you be able to use it on a Desert Island?

      • Thinking outside the box – I like it!

      • Clarisse Minstreek

        The laptop in it’s original form would be completely useless. But if you were able to make the right tools using what you have with you on the island, it shouldn’t be hard to dismount the computer device. Then, you could use it’s parts to create a digital signalizer, making your chances of getting out of the island considerably bigger.

  3. Of course I got Holly! Bahaha were twins.

  4. Jaehyun Glara Yu

    Mm. Arty is good.

  5. its that sarcastic need to use my genius to help people that makes me a centaur

  6. Artemis. Well than. I have nothing to worry about. I like that.
    I always was genius masterminde. At least I know I am not evil or crazy.

  7. I got Opal Koboi…
    How can I get opal Koboi?!?!!? Omg
    I have to retake it somehow…

  8. Select female – Opal Koboi. Select male – Opal Koboi. What’s wrong with me ?!?

    • You are evil, like the dark pits of firey hell inside of my soul. Yet, I still get Artemis Fowl, while I select both male and female.

  9. At first, I was Opal.. but now, i’m a Troll. Well, it’s true, I’m hungry.. but “uncontrolled aggression, not afraid to eat, kill, or destroy almost anything they see”!!!
    …maybe I should try again.. am I that evil??

  10. Michael Grubius

    I got foaly

  11. Cool. Looks like I got Arty. I’ve always like him, with the whole genius criminal mastermind thing going on (seroiusly though – who doesn’t? Like him, I mean) What I don’t get is how I’m Holly as well …. Hmmm. Curious. Well, the bright side is I’m a ” …determined, forthright elf” and has the “the highest IQ tested in Europe.

  12. Holly is my fav char and i got Holly xD

  13. Im kind of disappointed I got Holly cause I wanted Rtemis but this web is fun and im fine with Holly though


  15. i got opal koboi …… but it kinda suits me
    paranoid-sort of deranged-totally world domination-sweet!!
    only diffrence is …… I LUV ARTEMIS FOWL !!!!!

  16. PendragonQueen09

    Male= Artemis.

    Female= Opal.

    I can live with this.

  17. I can’t decide if getting Opal was bad or good

  18. I got Mulch. Am I the first one? Doesn’t anyone else think food is the center of their universe? I mean, come on!

  19. I got a Holly!! haha

  20. HollyShoryWannaBe

    Male: Artemis

    Female: Opal

    Now I would rather be male. Sorry to all the deranged, vain, chocolate-loving megalomaniacal pixies out there, but Opal really gets on my nerves. Uggghhh!!!!!?

    • HollyShoryWannaBe

      Retook the test by randomly selecting and STILL got Opal!!! What a world, what a world, what a world!!!!!!!!

  21. I can’t believe these people! Opal? I’m more of an Arty character, not to boast, but I consider myself a very intelligent being.

  22. hmm… Koboi. I can believe that

  23. Every time I test, I’m Opal. I even tried to get someone else!!! I don’t think I’m *that* evil….

  24. How do I take the freaking test!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  25. Out of any Holly is the period and yes I would sooo take a Netrino on a desert island

  26. I got Artemis fowl 2 which isn’t great cause I am no male basically

  27. got foaly

  28. Well, it seems Artemis and I have more in common then just being highly intelligent, at least from what people have told me. We’d both be upset if we didn’t have our laptops. Me more so because I would be driven insane by all the plot ideas I come with for my fan fiction stories…….

  29. Of course my result to the test was Artemis. How could it not be? He is the only other person I have ever heard of that has submitted to
    a psychology book under a pseudonym due to being to young. The few attributes we do not share are his wealth, gender and mathematical skills,
    my joys resting in other areas.

  30. The names Fowl Artemis Fowl….I guess u guys better watch out …U have no idea about the ramifications that can occur if u mess with me

  31. Clarisse Minstreek

    Artemis Fowl II. Im not called a mastermind for no reason.

  32. Opal. Hm. I didn’t think i would be her…but now that I think about it, we are somewhat similar. I’m not a megalomaniacal pixie, but i am a smart, vengeful chocoholic.

  33. I am Artemis Fowl the second….. Too bad that him and I think alike.

  34. Hellillbeiy Ellrick Nighrem

    As I expected, I was non other than Artemis Fowl myself. Nothing Surprising.

    he’es a mastermind he is really good

  36. As I was waiting for the answer, I was thinking “I think I got Artemis… maybe Holly.” I was right, I am the most like Artemis. Unfortunately, some of are differences include me not being close friends with the People, him not being called crazy for believing in fairies, and me lacking funds to actually try to discover the People. Also me not wanting to exploit the People, but wanting to discover them because then I will have achieved one of my dreams.

  37. How do I play the game

  38. GO ARTEMIS! Destroy the LEP agency. Hahaha!

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