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AF: The Atlantis Complex

“Artemis Fowl has battled high-tech fairies, power-hungry crime-lords, bloodthirsty trolls, time-travel. But can he control his mind?”

Artemis Fowl Jr., child genius and criminal master-mind-gone-good, has come up with a plan to save the planet. He and his group of select individuals including a feisty LEP officer and a techy centaur gather in cold climates to discuss this plan, but when things go wrong because of an old enemy from Holly’s days as a young recruit and the fairies are in danger once again, they must instead focus on saving Atlantis, the underwater metropolis now poised to be destroyed by a giant space probe. There is only one problem, Artemis is suffering from what the Fairies call The Atlantis Complex, along with symptoms including OCD, Paranoia and in extreme cases split personalities. With problems arising left and right, including his trusty man-servant being across the globe, can Artemis rescue the inhabitants of the underwater city without Butler? And more importantly: can he do it without his sanity?

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