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Artemis Fowl Movie PETITION!

We don’t know about you, but we are oh-so very excited about the prospect of an Artemis Fowl Movie.

Many of us have been waiting 14 years(!) since the very first book graced bookshelves across the world. However, due to rights disputes, delays, scripts, and all manner of other ‘Development Hell’ issues, the movie has been delayed and delayed and delayed.

Well… we have decided to try something. An Artemis Fowl Movie petition!

We’re aiming for 10,000 signatures, at which point we’ll deliver the petition list to Disney. So, sign the petition, share it, encourage your friends to sign, and use the hashtag #ArtemisFowlMovie on Twitter!


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  1. I have been a fan of the Artemis Fowl series since they first came out, when I was a child. These books were a huge part of my life while I was in Jr High, and seeing them adapted to a movie screen would have sentimental value. It is certainly something I would see in theaters.

    • Me too! I started reading them in 7th grade and finished one of the last books at age 19. I’ve never outgrown the series!

  2. I so want this movie!!!

  3. Pls gib artemis fowl movie

  4. Everyone would be so disappointed in this movie. Just go read the books again.

    • I agree. The thing is that the books are good, but the moment you put it out as a movie, all the people who hate reading now have the ability to share their 2 cents on what used to be a good story…..

  5. Dear Disney, make Holly Short would make an epic Disney Princess!

  6. Give. It. To. Me. Nowwww!

  7. I grow up with Artemis and I really don’t want a Disney movie because they always spoil all the good things of the books. Artemis is something so special to me. I would hate if they change everything.

  8. I would LOVE to see this movie produced, but only if it’s to the standard of the Marvel movies. (Like iron man etc) Then it would be absolutely brilliant!!

  9. I’m a grown adult who has read all of the Artemis Fowl books, and not only would I LOVE to see an Artemis Fowl movie (series), I would take my entire family to see it!

  10. C’mon, where’s the positivity, people? Artemis Fowl is being made into a MOVIE (OH YEAH!!!!), why not hope it will turn out absolutely awesome and cut the movie producer people some slack? I mean, it’s a MOVIE! FROM THE ARTEMIS FOWL BOOK!!! AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE BOOK!?

    • AGREE. I mean, I’d watch the trailer first. If I don’t like it I won’t watch the movie (Who am I kidding I’ll watch the movie anyway.) So there’s no problem with the movie being made ^_^

  11. ~Sorry for double-posting, but maybe if I use my username, it won’t need to be approved…~

    Hey guys 😀 I’m surprised by the number of fans signing the petition. So yeah… I’m just a normal AF fan, nothing special about me, but I was wondering if you guys could go to the FanForums (managed by the same people as here) and check it out? It’s at forum.artemis-fowl.com and it’s really cool but it currently only has a few active users and being new, I’v never seen what it’s like to be busy. We’d all like some new users!

    … I think.

    So yeah, thanks!

  12. This is the best look series I have ever read. And Iwish to share the experience of pure awsomeness with the world.

  13. SwethaSanjaySindhu

    I would prefer it if someone who actually knows how to make book to movie adaptations. I mean, I don’t want the name of my favourite character to be besmirched.

  14. When I read these books I was watching the movies play out in my head. To have them actually make Them into movies would be steller.

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