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The Artemis Fowl Movie

Artemis Fowl Movie Release Date: 9th August 2019

It has been a very long wait for the Artemis Fowl Movie, but it’s finally coming! The movie is set for release on the 9th August 2019, and will star Ferdia Shaw as Artemis Fowl, Lara McDonnell as Captain Holly Short, Judi Dench as Captain Root and Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums.

After some speculation that the Artemis Fowl Movie would combine the first two books, Eoin Colfer confirmed in the 2018 AFC Interview that the movie would be an adaptation of book 1 only.

We may be getting more “family history” from Holly Short with the introduction of a new character: Beachwood Short.

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Artemis Fowl Movie Official Cast

Ferdia Shaw playing Artemis Fowl

Lara McDonnell playing Holly Short

Josh Gad playing Mulch Diggums

Nonso Anozie playing Butler

Judi Dench playing Cmdr. Root

Nikesh Patel playing Foaly

Miranda Raison playing Angeline Fowl

Tamara Smart playing Juliet Butler

Chi-Lin Kim playing Trouble Kelp

Laurence Kinlan playing Beachwood Short

Jean-Paul Ly playing Nguyen

Adrian Scarborough playing Goblin Chief

Conor MacNeill playing Goblin Lieutenant

Adam Basil playing Troll

Hannah Flynn playing LEP Officer

Joshua McGuire playing Briar Cudgeon

Sally Messham playing Sky Willow

Simone Kirby playing Mrs Byrne

Matt Townsend playing LEP Officer

Bernardo Santos playing Groomsman

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  1. Kinda see where they are going with the cast/new characters, but then also… why not just make a straight book-to-movie? Whyyyyy? Thanks for giving this movie the attention it deserves though!

    • Because a movie doesn’t have the same rythm than a book.
      A book can take days or even months to be read.
      A movie must have a certain rythm to keep everyone into the story, even more when the target audience is composed of children.
      An adaptation must be the illustration of the director’s vision of the story, not what the fans want.
      And even if the movie disappoint you, it doesn’t destroyed the book that you loved for so long time.

  2. With the only exception of Judi Dench (and I can not imagine how she will play a male and hysterical character like CMDR Root) I must say that I do not love the cast.
    For Artemis the ideal actor was Asa Butterfiel, but it grew, for Captain Holly it was perfect Selena Gomez, in Root’s character La Roca would have been … but well, I can give her the
    benefit of the doubt and be totally optimistic.
    I will look forward to the premiere.

  3. Slightly confused- is Holly no longer the first LEP female Captain?

  4. Sorry for such a question, guys, but..who is Sky Willow??? Me and my girl can’t find out anything about it the whole evening. We’re from Russia and can’t compare ‘it’ with any from our adaptation. Could you at least describe its appearance our role in book? Thx for any mount of info)

  5. Boy. What were they thinking when the picked the cast! Though
    I have s great deal of of respect for Judi as an actress but she not Julian Root by long shot. As for the man they picked got Butler, he is a very creditable actor but he about Irish as a bowl of Dim Sums . The Butlers have served the Fowle’s Family for generations and were for all intent and purpose not Afrioanerican. With Mulch Diggun; a perfect choice! As for the characters of Artemis and Holly, the young people chosen they have awesome roles to pull off; especially the character of Artemis. On the other hand the young people that played the key characters in the Potter Saga did well.

    • I agree on the Judi topic as well… I was so excited to see the characters as they’ve been described to me over the last 17 years… Brenden Gleeson would have been an amazing Root IMO, or Colm Meaney. For Butley Ray Stevenson would have been wonderous, or even the mountain or Rory McCann. I think that Holy and Artemis will be ok with proper acting and makeup. Juliet should be older and stockier… Kelp a female? =( =( =( I think the rest are pretty good, goblin roles look to have incredible potential. I wish they didn’t change the main characters so much.. I really wanted to see a stocky, beet faced root screaming over a cigar. Even DANNY DEVITO would have been acceptable.

      I hope after this shock wears off I can still enjoy the movie.

  6. I’m so excited the movie is being made. My children and I have debated about how close the movie and book will align. I know having it on screen will be thrilling. I have encouraged all of my students to read the series. I have the original covers and realize that perhaps getting the new will entice them all the more.
    I have so enjoyed the series, so much so that I named my dog Artemis.

  7. Can’t wait to see this movie I have read all the books and the movie looks so tantalizing Judi Dench as Commander Julius root I saw the trailer and she is incredible in it I’ve always loved mrs. Dench

  8. I was a little confuse about Domovoi and Juliet but they are eurasian so guess it’s ok..
    Judi as Root, even if I like this actress that’s hard to believe…
    Anyway, I like the cute face of Lara McDonnel and I’m very impatient to see the movie.
    Don’t have anything to say about the other actors
    Female Kelp -> how about no ? (but they made the movie so I still happy)

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