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Artemis Fowl Files Book Quotes

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Holly Short

“The animals could die of old age.”

“(whilst shooting the house down) What house?”

“I can’t imagine what they’re planning. But I can tell you two things. We won’t like it, and it won’t be legal.”

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Julius Root

“That’s right, Corporal. Just you and me on a little adventure. How do you feel about that?”

“I wish I could believe that. And maybe I would, if it weren’t for that. (pointing at Holly’s chest where D’Arvit is written
on her traffic suit)”

“You’ve got twenty minutes to cry or say your prayers or whatever it is you females do, then I’m comin’ a callin’.”

“(after Turnball captures Trouble) The parameters of your assignment have changed.”

“That’s a direct order, Short, so take that insolent look off your face, it’s making me nervous. And when I get nervous I
tend to fire people. Get the message?”

“(throwing her acorns to Holly) Put them on. Welcome to Recon.”

“A few words of advice, pony boy. One, don’t call me Julius. And two, there is a protocol in place for speaking to me. I’m
the commander here, not one of your polo buddies.”

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Mulch Diggums

“Sergei the Significant. I think someone has an inferiority complex.”

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Trouble Kelp

“This is the first one-on-one (though). Usually he tracks half a dozen or so, to keep himself amused.”

“I majored in Ancient History. You have your own page in the ‘Criminally Insane’ section.”

“No offence, Commander, but your brother hits like a pixie.”

“Commander. You can’t flunk the girl after all this. If it wasn’t for her I’d be biodegrading right now.”

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