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Artemis Fowl Movie – PRODUCERS UPDATED!

Exciting news, people… we could be drawing closer to what we’ve all been waiting for. Eoin mentioned in a video interview with us recently that the movie was moving forward, and also said he had met with someone to do with the movie in a radio interview.

We’re excited to inform you that the Crew Page for the Artemis Fowl Movie on IMDb has been updated with many more producers, including associates, executives and line.

The full list is:

Vrushika Agarwal associate producer
Lawrence Aronsohn executive producer
Charles Ashland executive producer
Maisy Baer line producer / producer
Robert De Niro executive producer
Lucy Dylan producer
Luc Edale line producer
Janine Harwood producer
Rupert Hewe executive producer
Jane Rosenthal executive producer
Terri Stroud executive producer
Michelle Tufano producer
Harvey Weinstein producer

This could potentially mean that they’re gearing up for an announcement as a full crew is put together. The true tell will be if/when a Director is announced, but until that time… we can only hold our breath.

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  1. Finally some hope that this movie gets done during my lifetime :’)

  2. SO EXCITED That they’re FINALLY making a movie for the AWESOMEST child genius ever born! (kinda hope the Ender’s Game person gets the role of Artemis) I really hope they pick a good book to do the movie on

  3. If they don’t cast David Mazouz (the kid who plays Bruce Wayne in Gotham) as Artemis I will be in a state of withdrawl for quite some time.

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