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Artemis Fowl Movie Petition

Artemis Fowl Movie

Dear Disney & Eoin Colfer


9,177 signatures

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It has been 14 years since the first Artemis Fowl book was released, and a movie is still ‘in the works.’

This petition has been organised to show Disney that the Artemis Fowl Community are so incredibly excited for a movie, and can’t wait for the day when we can settle down in the cinema to watch it.

We’re aiming for a whopping 10,000 signatures, at which point we’ll deliver the petition list to Disney.

Latest 50 Signatures
9,177Brittnie ReisingerFeb 26, 2017
9,176Ben ForresterFeb 26, 2017
9,175Aidan Martin-CoxFeb 25, 2017
9,174Malachi MartinFeb 25, 2017
9,173Damian Redding-CaseFeb 25, 2017
9,172Marina ZaitcevaFeb 23, 2017
9,171Татьяна Христофорова Feb 22, 2017
9,170azaria fergussonFeb 22, 2017
9,169Benjamin CarrollFeb 21, 2017
9,168Ryan CuvierFeb 21, 2017
9,167Roman KazaryanFeb 21, 2017
9,166Kim MijinFeb 18, 2017
9,165Hong LeahFeb 18, 2017
9,164Fernando PerezFeb 17, 2017
9,163Allyssa SweetFeb 17, 2017
9,162Екатерина ДмитриеваFeb 15, 2017
9,161Bobble HolmFeb 15, 2017
9,160Jack YmirFeb 14, 2017
9,159Julianna BianchiniFeb 13, 2017
9,158Rachel HarinaFeb 13, 2017
9,157Mary MaryFeb 13, 2017
9,156Jason HatfieldFeb 12, 2017
9,155carolina Divin Feb 11, 2017
9,154Vitaliy LikhachovFeb 10, 2017
9,153bahare hasanpourFeb 09, 2017
9,152Shchetinin ArtemFeb 08, 2017
9,151Dawson YURKEYFeb 07, 2017
9,150Roman KalmykovFeb 07, 2017
9,149Damien SoyringFeb 06, 2017
9,148Behrad HematiFeb 06, 2017
9,147Anastasia OrlovaFeb 06, 2017
9,146hooman lohrasbFeb 06, 2017
9,145Marquis LafayetteFeb 05, 2017
9,144Ladonna DemuyesFeb 05, 2017
9,143Paul RoraffFeb 04, 2017
9,142Skye RoraffFeb 04, 2017
9,141Dawn GiggioFeb 04, 2017
9,140Julia TarasovaFeb 04, 2017
9,139Mary OpalFeb 02, 2017
9,138Mark LahovskiyFeb 01, 2017
9,137Andrea WithersJan 31, 2017
9,136Rachel Temples Jan 31, 2017
9,135Danyyl DanyylJan 27, 2017
9,134James BananaJan 27, 2017
9,133Gregory VinceJan 27, 2017
9,132Rachel KochJan 27, 2017
9,131Ashkan KhodadadiJan 26, 2017
9,130Micayla McLaughlinJan 26, 2017
9,129Zanin TimaJan 25, 2017
9,128Занин ТимофейJan 25, 2017


  1. Quite annoying that several e-mail adresses doesn’t seem to work. Had to use my Gmail one while I rarely never use it. Any unneccessary extra step is generelly bad for promoting things. Hope you can fix this!

  2. Do you think that some one will accept this petition 😀 ?? I love Artemis Fowl books but there is very little chance to produce film in near future.

  3. Desde Argentina queremos la peli!


  5. Artemis needs his own movie!

  6. I want to see this movie already!!! I’ve been waiting since 2002 when I saw the pretty book in a Target Store and randomly bought it without knowing what it was.

  7. i would like to see a movie like this it would be epic

  8. Cannot wait any longer!

  9. Jaehyun Glara Yu

    Dear Mr Colfer. As much as we want (no, need) an Arty movie, do not think for a second (or a few thousand millenia even) that one will get you out of writing book nine. Sincerely, fangirls and fanboys
    I mean, I get that book nine can’t really happen, like Alex Rider or Young Samurai, but maybe we could have Myles and Becket :):):)

    • I absolutely agree. I do believe tbere could be a sequel with myles as the heroine, but I will keep that to myself. I like the implications though.

  10. I would love an Artemis Fowl movie, but please Hollywood have mercy and not mangle it like Percy Jackson

    • I totally agree. I felt so devastated when I watched that movie. You’d think they could do better or at least get the characters characteristics and personalities corrects. Physical and mental like their mess up on Annabeth’s hair color.

  11. Ummm…. Everyone look at 6,305 and 6,304. 😀

  12. i want a Artemis Fowl movie

  13. I don’t want to see Disney do this movie. They’re definitely going to cock it up, it’ll be corny, cringe worthy and too child friendly. I’ve read in a few places that the movie is probably going to be an animation, which would personally kill it for me. The movie needs to be live action for it work, and Disney aren’t the right people to be doing it, it should be Warner Bros., because this is a Harry Potter scale franchise and they did a pretty spot on job with that. If Disney decide to make this an animation, again they’re the wrong people, it should be Dreamworks because they’re definitely superior when it comes to animation. Either way, Disney currently own the rights, so Arty is fu*ked and we’re all gonna be dissapointed for sure.

    • I think that Universal Studios should make the movie because Universal is more experienced with this and it will be cooler as a live action film too.

      • Sheldor Baggins

        I would rather see any other studio make this movie. Disney are going to shaft this right up the arse for book wankers like myself. Just look at Percy Jackson, Inkheart, I am Number Four, Eragon. The list goes on, some of the best books around and in all of these they changed the plot, made the characters unrecognisable, pissed off all the book wankers and ended up being box office blow outs.

        In conclusion I’m not looking forward to this movie primarily because “Disney” is involved, like a fool I’ll take the trip to the cinema to have my ears bleed from typical Disney tailored corny child friendly humour. Yeah sure it’s a children’s book so I shouldn’t really be complaining if it’s very PG child friendly but most people read the books when they were 12, by the time the movie comes out the bulk of the fanbase will be in their late teens/early twenties and we’ll be wanting something a bit more grown up, to be enjoyed by all ages like LOTR and Harry Potter, children’s book adaptions with little to no corny humour that focuses on placating infants, which is an unfortunate guarantee with every Disney movie ever because Disney don’t make movies to please anyone over the age of 12, they don’t give two turtle shits if you love the Artemis Fowl books because Disney doesn’t care, they’re going to shaft you, they’re going to shaft me, they’re going to shaft Arty and we’ll all be leaving the cinema feeling like we did when we first watched Percy Jackson, as if we just got shafted up the ass with a giant cactus.

  14. Look, as much as I’d love to see Arty dear come to life, I’d also love to be reassured that the movie everyone’s petitioned for will be homologous to such a wonderfully crafted series like this. I know this is the first step into making that happen but we’ve seen a lot of Disney Classics get twisted and retold to suit today’s society, and I don’t want them twisting or retelling any part of Colfer’s work, I absolutely don’t want it to turn out the way other Books-turned-Movies did–falling out of the should’ve-been-fantastic plot. If this movie’s gonna happen, I speak for behalf of the fans that, I know, are expecting to see some breathtaking piece of work that has not been adulterated or such. I want this movie, and I want it fantastic and something more. Artemis would never settle for something less, anyway

    • I could not agree more. This movie has to be an incredible masterpiece of pure excellence for it to work. As you said, Artemis wouldn’t settle for less.

  15. Hey, so I’ve been thinking about who would be perfect to play Arty. Who’s the right age and could pull it off and I think the kid from Moons boy would be perfect (if he dyed his hair)

  16. Okay. I need Holly to have dark skin and a crew cut. I need Foaly to NOT have weird green skin and other stuff. I need everyone to have Irish accents. I need the plot to be the same. I need to know what Gnommish sounds like. DON’T DISSAPOINT ME, DISNEY! Thank you, and goodbye.

  17. I need a movie so bad! Artemis Fowl book series is really awesome. I can’t believe I cried in the ending..!


  19. It can be good that all the fans of Artemis Fowl will watch an alive character of him…but I think It`s better that You tell these fans the name of the actors and actresses…We want to know them…As we know Tom Cruise will be Foley.How about the others?

  20. I want AF movie

  21. I want AF movie , please

  22. Thanks for Disney for making this perfect movies and I hope that 10000 people will give signatures and Disney will make a very good movie named by Artemis Fowl .
    Again thank you please make that movie faster and better.

  23. I love AF movie please make it sooner.

  24. Literally how has this not been made into a movie yet it would be beyond epic

  25. We need a movie to use with teaching the novel.

  26. Max Hariri-Turner

    Wow! Only 875 away! We can actually do this!!!
    My great hope is that (because I completely missed the rise and fall of the fandom) this movie will somehow reignite the AF fandom at least enough such that I can get a whiff of what it was like before it petered out

  27. When I finished the books I cried for 15 minutes!
    I had a dream that arty is in my country!

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