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Artemis Fowl Movie News

Artemis Fowl Movie PETITION!

We don’t know about you, but we are oh-so very excited about the prospect of an Artemis Fowl Movie. Many of us have been waiting 14 years(!) since the very first book graced bookshelves across the world. However, due to rights disputes, delays, scripts, and all manner of other ‘Development Hell’ issues, the movie has been delayed and delayed and delayed. Well… …

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Dream Cast from Artemis Fowl Confidential

The Artemis Fowl fan community has been spit-balling ideas, without the same solidifying luminescent effect of dwarf spit, of their dream cast for an Artemis Fowl movie throughout the past decade. There is an excellent variety of suggestions to be found in discussions on the Forums, and it is fun to see how casting ideas have evolved over the years. …

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Film Runs Afoul…

I received the link to a very interesting article today about the Artemis Fowl movie. While it does not hold that much information on the current production status, it is an extremely interesting read on what Disney should do with this movie. Click here to take a look!

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