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It’s confirmed… we have our Artemis – and it’s young Ferdia Shaw from Kilkenny, Ireland!


Ferdia Shaw as ARTEMIS FOWL

Ferdia Shaw was chosen out of 1200 candidates for the title role of Artemis Fowl, and this movie will mark his onscreen debut.

Whilst not a lot is known about Ferdia Shaw, we can’t wait to learn more! Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius who finds himself in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful, hidden race of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance.


Another new face on the scene – Lara McDonnell – will be playing Captain Holly Short. Again, not a lot is known about Lara McDonnell but we’re sure we’ll learn more as production progresses. Lara’s stage work includes the title role in MATILDA for the RSC in the West End. Most recently she played the role of Alannah (daughter to Cillian Murphy’s character) in THE DELINQUENT SEASON a feature directed by Mark O“Rowe for Parallel Films and the young Anne Bronte in TO WALK INVISIBLE written and directed by Sally Wainwright for BBC.


A Disney veteran, Josh Gad, will be playing the role of Mulch Diggums! For those unaware, Josh is the voice of Olaf the Snowman in Frozen, and has appeared in a wide array of Disney and other movies. Mulch Diggums is a kleptomaniacal dwarf who works for the fairies when he’s not on the run!


Looks like Dame Judi Dench will be playing the tough leader of the fairy police force, Commander Root! We can only assume it will be Julia Root for the movie…

Nonso Anozie AS BUTLER

Nonso Anozie, known for his roles in Rocknrolla, Cinderella and Game of Thrones will be playing Artemis’ formidable, dangerous bodyguard – Butler. Standing at close to 2 metres / 6.5 feet in height, and with the physique of a bodybuilder, Anozie is perfect for the role!

Whilst these are the cast announcements we have for now, we’re sure more will be announced as production gets started in early 2018!

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  1. Massive failure already before a single frame was filmed. They need to redo this ASAP and stay faithful to the source material. Dench alone breaks one of the most important themes of the first book! And why does a black man have to be the bodybuilder? That is very stereotypical! But, it’s Disney, who has shown its true color these last recent years. A pandering, nepotist, corporate money machine that gobbles up the entire entertainment industry, no matter the medium those companies produce. They are dangerous.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this news. The choices for Mulch and Butler are fine, in my opinion (height may be a problem for Mulch), but Judi Dench for Commander Root? No. I’m sorry, but Commander Root was originally a male character, and should stay a male character. Especially since Holly is supposed to be the first female officer in LEPRecon, but if Commander Root is a female character in the movie, then this aspect is ruined! Also, Artemis- “this movie will mark his onscreen debut.” Ferdia Shaw better be a really great actor if this is his first movie. I’m really anxious to see the movie, because Artemis Fowl is my favorite series, and I don’t want the movie to be bad.

    When are they going to announce more of the cast? Who’s going to play Juliet? Foaly? Opal? I NEED ANSWERS!!

  3. this is a horrible cast
    I mean, Butler as a black man
    Root as a women
    Mulch as a tall, kind of clean man
    holly as a white girl (don’t get me wrong, but her skin is supposed to be nut brown, which is quite dark. But I can’t blame this mistake, since even in the comic novel she’s white, so this is a confusion point and I’m fine with both)
    Artemis not looking much like Artemis from the book (we can see what he is supposed to look like on the book cover of some of the book)

    I hope they’ll change some of the actor choice, because even if I am really happy about the fact that a movie of my favorite book will come out, it needs to be really good and be similar to the original story.

  4. This is all so wrong. So so so wrong. 🙁
    It’s gonna be a low budget film that doesn’t stick to the book at all, like Percy Jackson, isn’t it?

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