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[Fan Content] iesnoth’s Artemis Fowl comic

Victoria Beasley, known online as iesnoth (which even she doesn’t know how to pronounce), is a character designer and writer who dabbles in comics. Though the first Artemis Fowl books came out when she was in grade school, she didn’t read them until high school, right after her family moved to a new city. She fell in love with the books for their unique world and characters, and the Artemis Fowl fandom was the first she got involved in, on the forums of Artemis Fowl Confidential.

Over the years, the series has been a consistent source of inspiration for her. Though she’s working on personal creative projects and commissions, she still makes time for Fowl fan art, and takes great joy in it. Currently, Victoria “moderates” an ask blog on tumblr called af-answers, where fans can ask the book characters questions and Victoria will respond in character and draw an illustration to go with it.

Thoughts behind this project:

“The impetus behind this short project— “short,” but it took around three months to complete— was the announcement that the Artemis Fowl graphic novels would be revamped. I’ve been a fan of comics ever since I could read. I love books, but there’s something special and interactive about comics no other medium can achieve. It also marries my two favorite pastimes of writing and drawing, so I leapt at the chance to adapt my favorite book series into graphic novels. I thought the best way to “audition,” as it were, was to adapt one of Artemis Fowl’s most iconic scenes.
As with any passion project, I pushed myself past my comfort zones, wanting desperately to capture the spirit of the characters and the grandness of the environments. And though I learned a lot, I also realized how much I have left to learn about comics.

I wanted to do this scene because it’s the turning point of the first book, has some great interaction between Artemis and Holly, and some plot progression in there, too. I took some liberties with the script, as all adaptations must, but I hope they up the tension and smooth out the action. I had the most fun drawing Artemis and Holly (as always) and designing them to contrast. Holly is all warm colors and Artemis cool. Holly is all organic shapes, while I made a conscious effort to give Artemis a lot of angles, even making his head and hair vaguely triangular.

The hardest part was continuity. I’d forget if Holly’s collar was brown or green, or where things were in the study, and have to redo entire panels because of a mix-up. Backgrounds are always a pain for me, but I’m proud of all the work I put into them, especially the first few pages. Lighting was challenging because I wasn’t sure how much I had to be literal and how much “mood lighting” I could do. If I were doing an entire graphic novel, I’d have to decide on a tone so I could be consistent through the whole work.

I found out about halfway through production that the new graphic novel team was already hired. But this project was always a labor of love, meant to be presented, ultimately, to the fans who love it too.

Now it’s finished, and just in time for Christmas and the holidays! I love the Artemis Fowl books, but the fandom has bolstered my devotion over the years through fan art, fanfiction, and headcanons. So I present this ten-page treatment to you, my fellow fans, with the greatest gratitude.”


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instagram: @iesnothsart

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  1. This is gorgeous!

  2. Wow. This is so incredible I almost don’t know what to say.

    Your comic work has always been impressive, but I feel like with this one you’ve upped your game again. As always, the designs you’ve been perfecting for years look so spot-on with how I imagine the characters, and you draw them in such a natural-looking way from every angle, while still maintaining a high level of detail. (Especially love how you executed Holly’s helmet, and Artemis’s trademark mirrored-lens glasses.) The choices in character expressions and poses are so good, and I love how some panels are so oddly close to what I had mentally pictured reading those scenes for years, particularly of the second panel on page 8, and the final panel on page 10.

    As for the tone overall, the dark, greenish-glowing lighting throughout lends such drama to the scene, and the careful attention to the backgrounds (not just in basic perspective, but also the design of the setting in general) brings the scene to life in such a unique and powerful way. The wide shot of the staircase and paintings and suit of armor just brings so many things together in a way that looks just right, while the shots of the Fowl ancestors are just so fun. I love how you capture the time periods each are probably from with the style of their clothing.

    The only criticism I might have is the effect used to show Holly shielding–I feel like the flat, greenish-blue color makes Holly feel like an unfinished part of the pages, rather than communicating that she’s invisible. (I like the solution of making her one color, and love how the green-blue adds to the magical vibe of what she’s doing, but maybe adding variations in tone for her skin, hair, and uniform, and possibly heightening her transparency level, could help counteract that impression, though there are probably other solutions.) I also really like the blurred effect on Holly in the second panel of page 4, for how it reflects what shielding actually is, and I could see where it might be nice to see every shielding Holly done that way–though I could also see where adding that to the other images of Holly could create issues for seeing her expressions clearly, so I’m not sure.

    Anyway, just happened to see this, I’m always super excited to see new AF comics from you. (And so many pages, this captures a fair chunk of the scene.) As always, the time and attention to detail in every single one of your drawings/panels is an inspiration, and can’t wait to see more of your AF work as it comes. Best of luck on your various projects! C:

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