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‘It’s time I moved on from Artemis Fowl’ – Eoin Colfer Telegraph Interview

Eoin Colfer has recently spoken to ‘The Telegraph’ about letting Artemis Fowl go, the future of the series in movie form, and his new book ‘Imaginary Fred.’

It’s taken 15 years of what Eoin Colfer calls “development hell” but finally, Artemis Fowl is coming to the big screen.

Artemis Fowl, a scheming boy genius who lives in a futuristic world of fantasy and fairies, was first introduced to readers 15 years ago, and since then the eight-book series has sold over 21 million copies. Disney has confirmed the first two books will be made into a film, with Kenneth Branagh at the helm. Talk of an adaptation has been rife ever since the first book was published in 2001, when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister.

Much like Harry Potter, it’s a popular series many have grown up reading – I first picked up an Artemis Fowl book when I was in primary school, and am now a graduate.

“It’s a little worrying that the people who grew up reading Artemis Fowl could be married with kids now,” says Colfer.

At the same time he has faith in his stories and seems confident that the film has the potential to be a success. “If the movie is good enough, it’ll be fine. I mean its like The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. If they make a good movie it’ll bring people back. There’s also the nostalgic factor, it’s like Star Wars now, that’s going to be huge again.”

Although a cast is yet to be announced, Colfer says he would love Lily James, who recently worked with Branagh on Cinderella, to play sardonic elf agent Holly Short.

The fair, sylphlike actress is a surprising choice for a character described in the books as short with nut-brown skin and dark hair. “I think she’s probably more willowy than I had imagined. Holly is supposed to be a little tough nut,” Colfer concedes, adding only half-jokingly “but I would love her. I think most men would.”

Read the full article on ‘The Telegraph.’

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