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Eoin Colfer talks about the ARTEMIS FOWL MOVIE

In another HUGE Eoin Colfer AFC video interview – a select number of your questions were put straight to the man himself, and boy has he answered…

For those who can’t watch the video – a summary of the answers to each question is directly below the video!

Hi Eoin! I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time! I was wondering, are we ever going to get an Airman or Supernaturalist sequel? Asked by Victoria

Airman is more likely. Maybe Supernaturalist. There’s new Fowl books to do first. “If I can stay alive long enough!”

What made you decide to come back to the AF universe with Myles & Beckett, and how involved with Artemis and Co be? Asked by Andrew

He said on the press tour for the last Artemis Fowl book “I’m going to give it five years away then I’m coming back with Myles and Beckett. This has always been the plan so I’ve had a long time to think about their journey.” He doesn’t want these books to be seen as spin-offs, he wants the characters to live and breathe. Artemis will be involved but not in the way we might think, in a very apt way. So will all of the characters – however this is the Myles and Beckett show. They’re really solid characters.

When will the rest of Artemis Fowl be made into graphic novels? Asked by Derek

They’re being rebooted like so much in this world – they’re being taken over by a new team as Andrew & Eoin was to keep on at original stuff. Whether the new team make all of the graphic novels depends on how many people buy them.

What kind of lore did you pull from that inspired your take on the fairy folk of the Artemis Fowl world? How much of it did you make up? Asked by Logan

Logan?! “I made up most of it.” He pulled the word ‘leprechaun’ which he obviously changed to ‘LEPRecon.’ In a way, the whole Artemis saga is along the lines of the old tale of the naughty boy trying to steal the leprechaun’s gold.

I’ve heard rumors of a spin-off series about Myles and Beckett. Any plans for a spin-off about the Butlers or Opal Koboi, and if so, what would those spin-offs look like? Asked by Meira

The Butlers will be in the upcoming Fowl Twins books. Opal is gone, unless we go back and do “Opal Rises” or “Opal Begins.” Again, comes down to Eoin staying alive long enough!

Way back before Artemis Fowl was published, what kind of pitch did you give for it? I’m a writer, and pitching to editors is a HUGE cause of anxiety for me. Do you have any tips? Asked by Veronica

Having to pitch to editors must be a relatively new thing Eoin says. He never pitched anything – he wrote the book, sent it in and if they liked it they took it. The only thing he pitched was the graphic novel, but Andrew did the pitch and Eoin put his name to it. He knows several young writers who agonize over those pitches.

If you could have written any book in history, what book would it be? Asked by Karis

“Financially… probably Harry Potter!” Aside from that, he would loved to have written Treasure Island or Peter Pan.

Who or what is the inspiration or source of Artemis’ personality? Asked by Aiman

It all came from a photo of Eoin’s brother in a big suit, and he wasn’t happy about it. He looked angry, like a James Bond villain.

What’s your process for developing characters and how do you make a well-rounded character? Asked by Natalie

A lot of young writers make the small error (and he doesn’t want to be patronizing!) that they base all of their characters on themselves. They don’t do it purposefully, it just happens over time. He recommends having someone else in mind for developing your characters around. He lets a character’s decisions show their character. Show don’t tell.

What scene are you most excited to see on the big screen? Asked by Wyatt

The scene Eoin really wants to see is the Time Stop scene at Fowl Manor. Because they’re really elaborating on that. They’ve frozen everything outside including waves, and storms, and boats in the water and fish. It’ll take a lot of CGI, or they’ll have to pay those fish a lot of money.

What character (aside from Artemis himself maybe) are you most looking forward to seeing coming alive in the movie? Asked by Stephanie

This is a very important question so we’ve quoted Eoin completely below!

“I’m looking forwards to seeing Judi Dench do Root because that was a big surprise to me and I didn’t know how that would go and if I’m honest I was worried about it, even though I put a brave face on for everybody. But then I saw like, 5 seconds of her doing Root and it’s the funniest thing. She’s as hard as nails but she’s so funny, deadpan. I’m looking forward to the fans who I know are nervous about this, but seeing it and going ‘ok, I see where you’re going with this.’

They’ve rewritten the thing about Holly being the first female so there’s a lot more kinship between Root and Holly, so I think you’re going to like it. The trip from book to movie is not a smooth one, but nothing good is easy.”

Is it true that the movie will combine the first two Artemis Fowl books? Asked by James

NO. The movie is just the first book! For many years it was going to be the first two books, but Kenneth Branagh decided there was more than enough content for a movie in the first book. The story is very carefully crafted with a beginning, middle and end so that if there were no Artemis Fowl books after the first one, there would be a complete story there.

Will the movie be able to accurately portray the themes in the book, especially the dark side of Artemis and the fact that he isn’t your stereotypical One Dimensional hero? Asked by Anton

Another question where we’ve quoted Eoin completely:

“Yeah, they do get to grips with that but they get there in a different way. Because in a movie he has to be accessible initially and then become the cold-hearted criminal, where the book was the other way around. In the movie I think people will love this guy initially, but then his dad goes missing and other stuff happens and slowly he becomes colder and colder to the point where he would kidnap a fairy. But that’s the moment where he changes, where he realizes it’s not just a creature it’s a person.”

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  1. Good news! Very promising, I can’t wait for this movie.
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