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Incredible Artemis Fowl Lego Scenes!

There’s Harry Potter Lego, there’s Star Wars Lego, there’s Lord of the Rings Lego… but nearly 15 years on since the first ‘Artemis Fowl’ novel was released, we’re yet to get a licensed Lego set.

Maybe that will change when the movie eventually comes out (ahem, Disney!), but until that time, we’re waiting. Now, this is where our friend Danny Mainzer – a Fowl fan and photographer from Brazil – comes in…

Danny has taken it upon himself to painstakingly select Lego pieces, and reconstruct various ‘Artemis Fowl’ scenes from across the books!

We’re currently working on putting together piece lists of the Lego pieces Danny used, and also working on some lovely desktop wallpapers based on his work, but in the mean time, check out his gallery below!

You can also check out more of Danny’s work on his Facebook Page & Instagram.

We also had the chance to catch-up with Danny on his inspirations, and to find out a bit more about him…

How long have you been a photographer for?

I became a photographer three years ago when I was doing and exchange in London. I fell in love with that city and I wanted to record all my best moments e memories so I could live that again whenever I want. So I bought a camera and then I discover that I was simply in love by taking pictures. Back to Brazil I started a Photography Course and now I’m graduated in it. 

What inspired you to create these Artemis Fowl Lego photos?

I grew up reading Artemis adventures. They totally inspired me when I was a teenager and were quite depressive at the time. Artemis helped me see color in life again and since then I always wanted to say thanks to Eoin to present the world this mesmerizing characters that accompained me through my growth until now. So I mixed up my three favorites things in one: Artemis + Lego + Photography and that’s the way that I can say thanks to him.

Any future plans or projects in the works?

I love fantasy books, they help me to move on so I’ve started to bring to Lego Life some books that I love and have some meaning to me. That includes “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “Nothern Lights Trilogy” and some more.

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