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Write a story about a less known character, a story about their past.


1. Must be 1000+ words.

2. Must focus on a lesser known character. AKA NOT Artemis II, Holly S. Anyone else shall be accepted.

3. Must be submitted between now (7-27-10) and Christmas of this year.

After all this I will open a poll on OPAL :: Four Shades of Grey, on whose is best, and the winner will get lot's of fame and recognition, and if they so wish, we will learn how to make a Podfic, and make one of the winning story!


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Ok. Anyone read The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman? Or watched the film starring Billie Piper? Well if you haven't, here are the main features/NO spoilers for the book. It is set in Victorian London and a father is missing on a boat. His daughter is trying to find out who murdered him... that's all i wanted to say. 

Right, for the challenge I want to read something that is based on Victorian London or something slightly before or after that time. I, myself will probably be writing a story for this challenge. Here are the rules.

First, must be rated K - T
Secondly, Artemis/OC relationship, Artemis being Sally Lockheart.
Thirdly, the plot of the story must be similar or completely different.

Good Luck!

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Summary: I want to see a story about Opal's childhood. I was reading TAI today and I heard all about how her father never expected much from her, how she was supposed to marry this vice-president of something or other, how she dismantled her first harddrive at the age of two . . . Altogether, a very interesting story. I want to see this with her as the protagonist.
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I'd love to see a story of exactly WHY Artemis doesn't like lollipops. I've seen a whole bunch of stories centered around that fact, but nothing about WHY (no offence if there's actually one out there. I just haven't seen it). I'd like it to be funny, and I'd prefer Artemis to have been traumatized by this event, hence the lollipop-hate later in the future. It would be great if Artemis wasn't very old at the time, but that isn't a must.

I'm excited to see people's ideas!!!

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