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Artemis Fowl Movie: 60 Second History

A 60 second history of the Artemis Fowl Movie…

Eoin Colfer’s ‘Artemis Fowl,’ the first book in the best-selling series, was released back in April 2001.

Shortly after release, Miramax Films purchased the rights, with Lawrence Guterman signed to direct.

In 2003, Eoin Colfer stated a screenplay had developed, and casting was to due to start that same year … the film then got stuck in Development Hell for a decade.

In 2013, Walt Disney Pictures announced that an Artemis Fowl film covering the events of the first and second novels of the series would be produced by Disney and The Weinstein Company, with the screenplay by Michael Goldenberg.

In September 2015, ‘Variety’ reported that Kenneth Branagh had been hired to direct the film, with Irish playwright Conor McPherson as screenwriter.

Finally, in September 2017, casting calls were announced and Disney set a release date of August 9th 2019. Casting is due to wrap up by early 2018 with filming set to start shortly after.

It’s been a long road. Fans have been waiting nearly 20 years for a movie, but it looks like it’s finally coming.

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