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Artemis Fowl Book Code (rewrite)

Below is the rewrite code from “Artemis Fowl” decoded into English. The code is originally written in Gnommish.

The Code

The first reference to Artemis Fowl in the human media is in a newspaper article from the Dublin Chronicle. Artemis made the paper by solving the riddle of the Mayor of Dublin’s chains.

The mayor held a press conference to appeal for help after the city’s priceless chains of office were stolen. Artemis managed to persuade his bodyguard to bring him along. when the reporters had finished asking their questions, Artemis raised his hand. The mayor allowed the small boy to ask his question expecting something simple and childlike. Instead Artemis asked him to name three kinds of butterfly.

When the mayor could not answer Artemis stood on his chair and addressed the journalists present. He told them that in his opinion the mayoral chains could not have been stolen from the secure vault or taken from around the mayor’s neck without his knowledge. So this man could not be the mayor, he must be an imposter. The proof of this was that the real mayor was a keen butterfly collector and would most certainly have been able to answer Artemis’s question. Most journalists laughed but one did not. He suggested that the mayor allow himself to be fingerprinted. The man calling himself mayor panicked and ran.

It was later discovered that this man was indeed an imposter. He was the mayor’s own twin brother. The real mayor was being held in a warehouse in the south of the city. The plan was to hold him for a week while his twin’s gang looted the mayoral mansion and cashed the insurance cheque for the ceremonial chains.

Artemis Fowl was six years old when he foiled this plan.