Artemis Fowl & Eoin Colfer News

Eoin Colfer’s ‘Fairies, Fiends & Flatulence’ Show Video!


We’re incredibly excited to be able to bring you a large, professionally produced segment from Eoin Colfer’s acclaimed ‘Fairies, Fiends & Flatulence’ show with this rare 20-minute clip! A huge thanks to Puffin for allowing us to publish this online. ‘Join the hysterically funny and utterly brilliant number one bestselling author Eoin Colfer, on an adrenaline-fuelled exposé of teenage criminal-mastermind, Artemis ...

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Artemis Spin-Off Books? Artemis Fowl Movie updates?


It has been nearly two years since the last Artemis Fowl book (Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian) was released, but we get the feeling that it’s certainly not the end for the Artemis Fowl series. We are getting a steady stream of Artemis Fowl Graphic Novels, and with ‘The Opal Deception‘ being released not long ago and more to hit the ...

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Download two FREE Artemis Fowl Audiobooks!


Audible (An Amazon Company) are currently running a 30-day Free Trial, with two free audiobooks when you sign up for the trial! Yes… this means that you can download two Artemis Fowl Audiobooks (or other audiobooks, if you’re mad/already own them) completely free! So… what are you waiting for?! Check out the link below for more information.

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Poison Pen: A Romantic Comedy by Eoin Colfer


The filmmakers behind the Irish romantic comedy Poison Pen have released the official trailer for the film. When washed-up author PC Molloy is forced to write for April Devereaux’s gossip magazine Poison Pen, he is shocked when he becomes a celebrity himself. With the spotlight turning to Molloy, and his relationship with Devereaux changing, he struggles to keep his own secrets ...

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5 Fun Things to do in the Artemis Fowl Forum


The AFC Forum is a hive of activity, and acts as the central nervous system for Artemis Fowl Confidential. There are plenty of fun things to do there, for users new and old (but if you’re new, don’t forget to introduce yourself in The Entrance Hall!) 5. Check out the Fan Fiction, Art and other fan media! The Artemis Fowl ...

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Win a signed copy of “The Opal Deception” Graphic Novel!


AFC are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Eoin Colfer & Andrew Donkin to be able to offer three signed copies of the graphic novel of “The Opal Deception!” The three lucky winners will have a personally signed copy of ‘The Opal Deception’ graphic novel sent to them! ‘Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception’ Graphic Novel is the fourth ‘Artemis Fowl’ ...

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Artemis Fowl Confidential Forums Relaunched!


After a long maintenance hiatus on the Artemis Fowl Confidential Forums… they’re back, and better than ever! New features include: A new, responsive design, so browsing on your mobile just became a lot easier! An all new chatbox for registered members, so now you can exchange messages instantly with other logged-in users. A shiny notification system! You can now get ...

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The Fairy People vs. The Harry Potter Wizarding Community – WHO WOULD WIN?


The popular ‘Who Would Win’ Reddit community, who stage fights between various fictional and non-fictional characters and groups, have put ‘The Fairy People’ from Artemis Fowl against The Wizarding Community from Harry Potter – and so far, The Fairies are winning. Here are the rounds: Round 1: Who will be the first to become aware of the existence of the ...

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New AFC Site!


We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of the new AFC site. This will most likely be our new design for the next couple of years! There’s a few more tweaks to be made, and we’ll be rolling out new, exciting features over the coming weeks. Some of you may know that this May, AFC will turn 10 – and ...

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Details Still Sketchy…


Artemis artist, Giovanni Rigano hit the road in early December and some of the Artemis orientated results can be seen on Andrew Donkin’s Website. Giovanni was sketching for lucky punters at Le Festival du Livre de Boulog ne-Bilancourt which Gio describes as being “in the hinterland of Paris.” Read the Full Article

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AFC challenges Eoin Colfer!


Artemis Fowl has a huge, vibrant, creative fan-base. Over the years we’ve seen an absolutely huge array of fan fiction, fan art, poetry and even physical creations. We recently spoke to a primary school teacher on Twitter, who along with her students constructed a fantastic display featuring clay models of Artemis Fowl characters and Gnommish symbols! You can see the gallery below. ...

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