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Summary: I have a challenge for Opal and Evil Artemis. make a story about MULCH BEING INTERVIEWED FOR A JOB ON MCDONALDS! MAKE MEH LUAGH! ILL DICIDE WHICH IS FUNNIER! :D
Categories: Stories Characters: Mulch Diggums
Summary: I'd like someone to write a fic about Holly meeting Artemis' parents. Romance aloud.
Categories: Stories Characters: Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl Jnr., Artemis Fowl Snr., Domovoi Butler, Holly Short
Summary: Well, I would like someone to write about 'The Supernatualist" and 'Artemis Fowl'. Withing AF's series Artemis poses as Stefan Baskir, chess player. This same character is one of the mains. I want to see a Artemis Fowl based book with Stefan in it. Any genre, any characters. Good Luck !
Categories: Stories Characters: Angeline Fowl

Okay, say Holly and Artemis had like, a serious romantic relationship that no one knew about.(This story is supposed to happen about a year and a half after the AF The Time Parodox)Then something happened that made Artemis forget about the faeries.So now Holly's sinking into depression cause Artemis has forgotten about her too.And she had already tried asking Foaly to help give him back his memories without revealing their relationship but even Foaly wasn't sure what to do.So, your job is to write about that and also how and what happens when Artemis and Holly meet again.MUST BE AN A/H SHIPPER. Anyways then, good luck!

Categories: Stories Characters: Holly Short
Summary: Minerva likes Artemis. What would Artemis do? This story can have anything. What would happen. It must include Artemis fowl junior, Minerva, Myles and Beckett.
Categories: Poetry, Stories Characters: Juliet Butler

I want someone to write a story about Lili Frond. Not as a slut or an airhead, but the person behind the makeup and curls. I've always thought there was more to her than her and would like to see other people do that too.

One shot/Full story doesn't matter.

Categories: Stories, Poetry Characters: Lili Frond

I was just thinking that it would be really fun for Mulch and Minerva to be "partnered" in a story together. Any other characters should be minor characters because I'd like the story to be focused on Minerva and Mulch.
Also, Minerva should probably be meeting Mulch for the first time, or something like that, because she never actually met him in TLC.

Categories: Stories Characters: Mulch Diggums
Summary: I noticed there aren't a lot of stories/poems about mulch on the site. So, my challenge is to writer something about Mulch Diggums.
Categories: Stories, Poetry Characters: None
Summary: I want Holly to kill Artemis, either willingly or unwillingly. Make up a reason, make up a setting, and have her kill him. She can be a thrall under someone like Turnball, she can be mesmerized by Opal, she can be forced to by the LEP commander, she can hate him. You're call (only it cannot CANNOT be a lover's quarrel. She cannot kill him because he snubbed her love or anything relating to that).
Categories: Stories Characters: Artemis Fowl Jnr., Holly Short
Summary: I want you to use the full name, or at least part of the full name, of the protein chemical titin. You can find it on wikipedia. It's about 2000 letters long, so I understand if you just use part of it.
Categories: Stories Characters: Angeline Fowl, Ark Sool, Artemis Fowl Jnr., Artemis Fowl Snr., Domovoi Butler, Holly Short, Juliet Butler, Julius Root, Lili Frond, Mulch Diggums, Opal Koboi, Trouble Kelp