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Summary: I want you to write a story about the life of holly or trouble before they were in the LEP. Maybe in the LEP acadamy
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Summary: This challenge goes exclusively to Anansia_Short. Some short stories or one big story about Luna, maybe with a summary of her life or Character file at the end. Please try to use Lewis (Evil or good)in the story(s) somewhere. For extra points, add a family member! (Brother, sister, evil twin Ect.) If you do respond to this chalenge, i will publish a story that contains some (ahem) inside information on Lewis' life.
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Write a story about Butler going to school when he was young. He wanted to play with guns, be a superhero, he had friends, he had bullies. And once he couldn't take anymore bullying, so he worked out and he became strong.
Then none of his friends would play with him, and he truned out to be a bully.
So he went to a privite school.

Then write about him getting a job, protecting Artemis Fowl, and how he gave up his dream, to be like a big brother to Artemis Fowl

Categories: Stories Characters: Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl Jnr., Artemis Fowl Snr., Domovoi Butler

Artemis is looking up at the moon one day and begins thinking of his crush. Could be Holly, Minerva, or even SLASH if you want. Whoever. But while he's thinking, you switch to his chrush's POV. This person is also staring at the moon and thinking of any random romantic thing. You could make this be Artemis, or have this person like someone else. Doesn't matter, whatever you want. And leave it at a cliffhanger. That's important.

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Summary: Tell about Root's thoughts as he looks down from above. How does he feel about Holly leaving the LEP? How does he feel as the demons are rescued? Tell us!
Categories: None Characters: Julius Root
Summary: I know there's at least one other challenge like this, but I'm still issuing this because I can't find the other one for the life of me. I want a story with an unusual pairing. Not H/T, A/H, A/M or any other common ones like that. It has to make sense though. No Root/Juliet or something super weird like that. And no slash or incense (sp?) On-eshot or full-length
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Summary: Okay, I know a large amount of us hate Minerva for various reasons. So I'd like to see a story timed after The Lost Colony involving Minerva, Artemis, and Holly, as well as any O.C.'s you please, so long as Artemis is not dating/in love with your O.C. at the beginning. I'd like to see Minerva be the villain in this story, and have Artemis & co be the ones to stop her, thus giving Artemis a reason to stop being in love with her. H/T, H/A, A/OC and other romances are optional, so long as there's no M/A by the end.
Categories: None Characters: Artemis Fowl Jnr., Holly Short