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Artemis Spin-Off Books? Artemis Fowl Movie updates?

artemis-fowl-graphic-novel-4It has been nearly two years since the last Artemis Fowl book (Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian) was released, but we get the feeling that it’s certainly not the end for the Artemis Fowl series.

We are getting a steady stream of Artemis Fowl Graphic Novels, and with ‘The Opal Deception‘ being released not long ago and more to hit the shelves over the coming years, there’s certainly enough to keep the fans somewhat… pacified. However, the big question on everyone’s lips (the same question that has been hanging around for nearly 15 years!) is Will there ever be an Artemis Fowl Movie?

Well, in a recent interview with Michael A Ventrella (Author of Bloodsuckers and Arch Enemies), Eoin gave us another teeny, tiny hint that the Artemis Fowl movie is slowly, slowly moving along:

The Artemis movie has been in the planning stages for almost 15 years. There have been dozens of scripts, several directors and even casting search through Ireland. As far as I know the studios finally have a script they are happy with and it has been sent to a select few directors. So fingers crossed one of them will sign on the dotted line.

Mr. Colfer also confirmed that ‘The Last Guardian’ was indeed the final Artemis Fowl book, but spin-offs, back-stories and/or continuations could definitely be on the horizon.

I am definitely finished with Artemis but I have always said that there are a few characters that could carry their own book. I was thinking of the Fowl Twins as they grow older and more nefarious, they could discover the fairy world all over again.

Whilst Artemis Fowl’s adventures are most likely over, we may definitely still see more of the wonderful Universe in which he lived. At AFC, we would love to see more of The Butlers (Sounds like a great idea for a sitcom!), Holly Short, and maybe even Mulch Diggum’s shenanigans prior to his first foray into Artemis Fowl’s life.

You can read the full interview on Michael’s website.


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  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    This is just too good to be true. Spin-off books? We hate you for killing Arty, Eoin, but we LOVE you for this! Yay to my favourite writer ever!

  2. There’s actually a possibility? Yes! Just a small chance is good enough for me and I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed on this. If there are spin-off books, I would like it if they made it on the twins, but I think how the series ended was great. I don’t need more but if there was any more in the Artemis Fowl universe, it would be a nice treat.
    Solinium Pulse sent me.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that would make my life

  4. Could do with a LEP series. Just lots of badass combat, holograms, gunships, and sitting around the office all day. I want to see more of Fairy culture, dammit!

  5. Anyone else think it’d be cool to go back to when Turnball Root first betrayed The People?

  6. Jaehyun Glara Yu

    Lou: Yes. That would redefine awesominity.
    Fowl twins is definitely an idea… what about Juliet and Domovoi’s training? or Juliet’s wrestling haha 🙂
    ps I can’t seem to get past the “welcome to Artemis Fowl’s inner circle” part of the inner circle game, even when I click “close window”. is that normal???

  7. I would like to read how Holly and Artemis deal with the twins finding the fairies and trying to exploit them. The two twins should be equal to Artemis and Holly in brains and brawn.

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