Andrew Donkin September 2013 Interview!

Andrew Donkin is the author of more than sixty books for both children and adults. His work in comics includes Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight for DC Comics, and he is the co-writer, along with Eoin Colfer, of the graphic novel adaptations of the Artemis Fowl Series and ‘The Supernaturalist.’

AFC was recently lucky enough to catch up with Andrew to find out a bit more about what makes him tick, how he got onto the path of writing fiction and a few hints as to what’s coming next…

Check out the full interview!


2 Responses to Andrew Donkin September 2013 Interview!

  1. Gabe Howard says:

    Hello, I would like to know when the next graphic novel is coming out. (Eternity Code) I am a massive artemis fowl fan and i would like to know this because the eternity code was the best book out of them all. thanks :)

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