Dream Cast from Artemis Fowl Confidential

17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - ArrivalsThe Artemis Fowl fan community has been spit-balling ideas, without the same solidifying luminescent effect of dwarf spit, of their dream cast for an Artemis Fowl movie throughout the past decade.

There is an excellent variety of suggestions to be found in discussions on the Forums, and it is fun to see how casting ideas have evolved over the years. Here we have compiled a list of the popular choices, as well as some of the more recent suggestions.

Asa Butterfield has nearly become synonymous for Artemis Fowl II in the eyes of the community. We think he could pull of the criminal mastermind with ease.

Jason StathamIn regard to Butler, the formidable warrior scarred from a thousand battles, Jason Statham has long been a favorite. Other popular suggestions have been Vin Diesel, and Daniel Craig.

For Holly Short, the feisty LEPrecon Captain, Being Human’s Kate Bracken has caught the eye of fans with her pixie hair style. Another recent recommendation has been Scarlett Johansson after her recent action-packed role in Marvel’s The Avengers.

An actor that keeps reoccurring as an ideal for Julius Root is Robert DeNiro, who is currently attached to executive produce the Artemis Fowl movie that’s in the works.
Perhaps he wouldn’t mind picking up a tribarreled blaster to portray our favorite LEPrecon Commander?

Here are a few more of the dream cast recommendations gathered from the Artemis Fowl Confidential Forums community:

We’d like to hear your thoughts on who you’d like to see cast in the Artemis Fowl movie! Please feel free to comment and discuss below.

11 Responses to Dream Cast from Artemis Fowl Confidential

  1. AN4PHOENIX says:

    I would love to be a Opal Koboi in this series, but it’s already taken.

  2. AN4PHOENIX says:

    But I love who got the part so yay!

  3. Gabe Howard says:

    I have read the whole artemis fowl series and i think the Jason statham would suit butler perfectly and when would the movie come out anyway because i have been anticipating the day for a long time now. Thanks

  4. Emily Robinson says:

    I hope they cast it really well. I also hope they don’t omit too many scenes. That would be sad.

  5. artyfan1 says:

    Forget writers strikes or script or money issues. This movie has not been made until now because Asa Butterfield was not old enough to play Artemis. End of story.

  6. Holly says:

    Ok,I agree with-

    Asa Butterfeild
    Jason Statham
    Helena Botham Carter

    I suppose I wouldn’t be too upset if Scarlett Jonahson was Holly, But I prefare the idea of Emma Watson playing her.

    As for Foaly, the only person I can think of is my dad. *shrugs*

    I have no idea about anyone else, but I pretty much have everyone sorted out if it were unknowns.

  7. ana says:

    I love it
    I wait for to see it

  8. Quinn says:

    I agree with Asa Butterfield for Arty, Kate Bracken for Holly, Jason Statham for Butler, and also the actors for Foaly and Trouble Kelp. However, I think for Julius we need Nathaniel Parker!! You know, the guy who did the Artemis Fowl audiobooks?

  9. Quinn says:

    Thank you. *bows* I wonder if anybody will think of him. XD

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